Cultural Investment Plan for Northamptonshire (UK)

Noema teamed up with Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy to develop an Action Plan to position culture at the heart of the planning and development agenda in West Northamptonshire, an area in the heart of England undergoing significant change over the coming years.

This project was commissioned by a partnership led by stakeholders such as Arts Council England East Midlands, Northamptonshire County Council, English Heritage, East Midlands Museums Libraries and Archives, Northampton Enterprise Ltd, Northampton Borough Council, the District Councils of South Northamptonshire and Daventry, the University of Northampton and West Northamptonshire Development Corporation. It developed over a 10-month period and involved an in-depth cultural mapping of the area, complemented by consultation with more than 100 key people in the arts, planning, economic development and the creative industries.

The purpose of the Action Plan is to provide a set of targeted delivery priorities for the next five years, while the Investment Plan provides advice on 5 key areas (cultural distinctiveness, infrastructure, creative economy, audience and markets, identity and cultural offer).