H+ Open Source Placemaking (Sweden)

H+ Helsingborg Open Source Placemaking is a highly innovative approach to urban transformation based on participatory methods and transdiciplinary collaborations. In practice, as well as working intensively with the architects and designers selected from the H+ 2008 competition, local planning stakeholders benefit from ongoing input by experts from a variety of disciplines and professions including the arts and culture, education and learning, holistic governance, community planning and creative thinking. As well as mentoring key stakeholders on culturally-sensitive approaches to place making, Lia Ghilardi has been asked to coordinate the Liveable City team tasked with the delivery of short and medium term actions to be implemented in parallel with the large structural transformations planned for the H+ between 2011 and 2025. During 2011 the Liveable City team worked on the creation of innovative digital consultative platforms, artists residencies, public art projects and the development of two cultural and community hubs.