Cultural Masterplanning (Denmark)

During 2010 the Danish ADEPT Architects and Noema prequalified and won stage two of the Køge Kyst parallel competition. This large culture-led development is one of the biggest projects of its kind in Denmark at the moment. Our team won the cultural strategy section of the competition by proposing innovative permanent and temporary activities in the plans for a new harbour. The Køge Cultural Plan is based on the urban and cultural DNA mapping work on this area done by Lia Ghilardi and Noema’s intern Isabel Gil Gomez. Such mapping made use of brainstorming techniques, perceptual maps, mind maps and ‘what if’ scenarios.

In 2011 Adept and Lia Ghilardi were involved in another competition in the historic town of Fredericia in Denmark. Here special techniques of mapping and brainstorming will be used to inform the proposals for the masterplan, which features the improvement of a number of public spaces, in order to raise the profile of the local cultural offer, create niche retail and design new community (digital) hubs.