Skaraborg Culture 3.0


Back in 2015 Lia Ghilardi teamed up with colleagues from Architecture Is Made and the Skaraborg Association of Municipalities to conduct a six-month appraisal of the urban, creative and economic potential of two locations in the Skaraborg region of Sweden. The project involved a comprehensive study of the urban planning and cultural context in two very different locations: the city of Skövde and the rural town of Gråstorp. The outcome of the project was a report, a regional conference where planners and cultural workers met, and the publication of a booklet with a series of drawings and recommendations for specific urban interventions in the short, medium and long term.

This project will continue in 2017 with a series of mapping workshops to be conducted in the small towns of Vara and Tibro. In Vara, the mapping will focus on both gaining an understanding of what bespoke actions need to be taken in order to raise the profile of local cultural production and on the best way to deliver holistic culture-based placemaking in small, peri-urban areas. In Tibro we are focusing on the assessment of an existing furniture cluster in order to identify bespoke actions to be taken to improve its productivity and capacity for innovation. In both cases Lia Ghilardi is providing a qualitative analysis toolkit, which features production-chain grids, templates and needs’ assessment questionnaires.