Cultural Planning Training – Tjörn


More and more municipalities of all sizes are turning to cultural planning as a powerful tool to rebuild local economies, think more creatively about their assets and make places more livable, equitable and attractive for all sectors of the community.  However, the only way cultural planning works is if it becomes the responsibility of everyone – from planners and architects to economic development and tourism officers, and to staff from parks and recreation, public works, social welfare, cultural officers and artists, not forgetting, of course, local community representatives. The challenge with such processes is that there is no single ‘discipline’ or ‘profession’ capable of delivering the right skills for it. This is where our training package comes in. In April, together with our Swedish colleague Tinna Harling, we will be back in Skärhamn on the beautiful island of Tjörn on the West Coast of Sweden to deliver our spring training course. Participants will be from different professions and fields of work (architects, planners, community activists, cultural workers, policy makers etc). And they don’t need to have previous knowledge of the method because our pragmatic approach to learning ‘by doing’ will ensure that by the end of the course each participant will be familiar with cultural planning’s principles and practice.

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