Community-led Mapping in Hull & Todmorden

  In December 2015 the Hull School of Art and Design, in partnership with the RSA Yorkshire team, invited Lia Ghilardi to lead on a day-long workshop focused on the practical application of her place-mapping and cultural regeneration techniques. Questions for debate during the well-attended event included:

  • How do we get to the core of what is distinctive about a place?
  • How do we use the heritage of buildings, urban fabric and unique assets of place to find sustainable and creative solutions to local development?

 In Todmorden, Lia Ghilardi joined the Growing an Incredible Future Together event attended by participants from Incredible Edible networks across the country. At the gathering, as well as presenting her method for involving local communities in identifying their unique assets, she also shared her experience of initiating and delivering concrete projects through multi-agency partnerships.